Meet the Owner

Hi everyone, my name is Alison and I am the owner of Alison Elizabeth Clothing. This is my fiancé and our daughter above. They are my reason for starting my small business. 

I decided once we had our daughter I wanted to stay home with her and our future babes. But with that decision comes so many other obstacles. Will we have enough income to pay bills, student loans, still have fun money, will I want a hobby? So many questions were raised and I started thinking of things I was good at or things I loved to do. That was easy, I LOVE shopping! 

So I started trying to put together how in the WORLD am I going to start this with a 3 month old baby, still in college and taking care of other things at home. It was hard, but I had and still have the absolute best support system. That being my fiancé, our family and of course ALL OF YOU.

I have been able to stay home and LOVE what I do. Not many people get that and I couldn’t do it without all of my amazing customers. 

About Me:
There’s more to me than just my Small Business though. I absolutely love spending time with family. Any chance we get to all get together is my favorite memories. I grew up with 4 siblings and we were very close, we still are. We’ve all grown up and most have families of our own now. But that doesn’t stop us from getting together, the get together have just gotten bigger! 

My fiancé and I are getting married in October and we are busy, busy wedding planning. Another thing I absolutely love is CRAFTS. I love anything DIY and making things my own. I don’t like things to be perfect as that is not reality to me. We’ve totally flipped our house doing DIY projects (thanks Pinterest) I’m sure my fiancé is pretty much done with my ideas now!

As I’ve stated above I am a SAHM and this business is part of our livelihood. It’s something I absolutely love doing and getting to do it from home is a huge plus. I love making all of my customers happy and seeing how much everyone loves my business is all I need to know I made the right decision!